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Are you facing the challenge of cleaning out a home or estate in San Jose? With Zero Junk Removal, you don’t have to do it alone. Rated 5 stars, our professional team provides swift and compassionate service tailored to your unique needs. Our local expertise and connection with the San Jose community make us your trusted partner in home and estate cleanouts.

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Home And Estate Cleanouts In San Jose

Whether it’s dealing with the emotional process of a loved one’s estate or simply clearing out space in your home, getting rid of stuff can be difficult. We understand that. That’s why we intend to make your cleanout experience as stress-free as possible. With Zero Junk, you’re in trusted hands!

Our 3-Step Process Is Fast And Easy


Pick a date and a 2-hour window that works for you.


We call or text you 15 to 30 minutes before arrival


If you are happy with our price, we haul away your old televisions!

The prices we present are fair and include no extra or hidden fees. However, we offer free, zero obligation, non-questioning, and fastest quotes over your phone calls and our social media account like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Get to know the exact cost a specific commercial, residential, and demolition removal service will cost you in San Jose before you book an appointment with us!

Items We Take

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How Clutter Affects San Jose Residents

In San Jose, too many belongings can make life chaotic and stressful. Cluttered spaces can affect your mental well-being. That’s why our team at Zero Junk Removal helps residents get rid of items they no longer need, transforming cramped spaces into comfortable living areas.

How Cleanouts Help Property Value

A well-maintained and clutter-free home doesn’t just look nice; it can also increase the property’s value. We take great care to clean and organize homes in San Jose, allowing homeowners to present their property at its best, either for their own enjoyment or if they are considering selling it.

Why You Should Use Professional Cleanout Services

Quick and Safe Cleanouts

Time is often of the essence, and safety is a priority. Our experienced team in San Jose knows how to clean out houses efficiently, following all local regulations. With specialized equipment and a professional approach, we ensure that the cleanout process is completed without risk to you or our team.

Being Kind in Tough Situations

Cleaning out a home can be an emotional task, especially when it involves a significant life change or loss. Our team in San Jose is trained to handle these sensitive situations with empathy and respect, ensuring that the process is as painless as possible.

Different Cleanouts We Do in San Jose

  • Helping with Foreclosures

When a bank takes over a home in San Jose, we step in to clean and clear the property, ensuring that it’s ready for its next chapter. This can be a vital step in helping the neighborhood recover from foreclosure.

  • Helping Older People Move

Moving can be particularly hard for the elderly. We provide support with packing, moving, and settling into a new place in San Jose, making the transition smooth and stress-free.

  • Helping with Hoarding

Hoarding can be a serious issue that requires careful handling. Our team in San Jose is trained to deal with hoarding situations, helping individuals clean out their spaces while offering compassionate support.

  • Helping with Evictions

Evictions are often tense and difficult. We assist both property owners and tenants in San Jose during these tough times, providing a fair and respectful cleanout service.

Home And Estate Cleanouts In San Jose

Before and After Pictures

We’re proud of our work in San Jose, and we love to show it off. Our before and after pictures demonstrate our ability to transform messy, cluttered spaces into clean, welcoming homes. Take a look yourself!

Before After Home Gym Equipment Removal BeforeHome Gym Equipment Removal After
Before After Home Furniture Removal BeforeHome Furniture Removal After
Before After Home Junk Removal BeforeHome Junk Removal After

What Our Happy Customers Say

Our customers in San Jose are our best advocates. They appreciate our professionalism, efficiency, and the personal touch we bring to every cleanout. Their kind words and positive feedback motivate us to continue offering top-notch service.

Jacob Forest
Jacob Forest
Super fast and very reasonable price compared to the bigger companies. Always good to support a small business!
Stephen Meadows
Stephen Meadows
Same day service, kept me informed about ETA, and highly efficient loading meant a minimized charge.
amy vu
amy vu
Amazing! Zero Junk was professional, quick, honest service… and most importantly reasonably priced! Thank you so much for making the Sunday trip (they don’t work Sundays) to pick up our junk. I will defiantly refer you to all our friends and family for junk removal services.
Laura Yuan
Laura Yuan
Alex & his team was super awesome! Great service and they were super quick - in & out. Also provided me a discount for stuff that can be donated. Would definitely recommend!
Arthur Wallace
Arthur Wallace
If you're in need of commercial e-waste disposal, I highly recommend Zero Junk. They were able to safely dispose of our old office computers and electronics and even provided us with a certificate of destruction.
Eric Perkins
Eric Perkins
I had a lot of cardboard boxes leftover from a recent move and Zero Junk was able to come by and pick them up the same day I called. Their cardboard box pickup service was affordable and hassle-free.
Carolyn Ferrari
Carolyn Ferrari
Great service.
Michael Ball
Michael Ball
Remarkably awesome great workers Alex is great at getting it done
Diane Griego
Diane Griego
Zero Junk responded to my query immediately, set up appointment for the next day and showed up on time. Alex and Ajax were friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend this service and would use them again!

Helping the San Jose Community

Giving to Local Charities

In our cleanout work in San Jose, we often come across items that are still usable and valuable. We believe in supporting our local community and, where possible, we donate these items to local charities. By doing so, we help those in need and promote a culture of giving and compassion in San Jose.

Recycling the Right Way

Our environment matters to us, and we take our responsibility seriously. In San Jose, we adhere to all recycling regulations and go beyond them to ensure that materials are processed in the most eco-friendly way. Our commitment to sustainable practices helps preserve our beautiful city for future generations.

Problems We Face in San Jose

Figuring Out the Housing Market

The San Jose housing market can be complex, and understanding it is crucial to our work. We navigate this challenging terrain with experience and local knowledge, offering solutions tailored to the needs of homeowners, renters, and real estate professionals.

Handling Family Problems

Family dynamics during cleanouts can become strained and complicated. In San Jose, we approach these situations with empathy, understanding, and discretion, offering support and guidance to help families through what can be an emotional process.


Hazardous waste includes chemicals and batteries. Zero Junk Removal follows local rules in San Jose, separating and disposing of them safely.

Zero Junk Removal sorts waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items. They recycle what they can and dispose of the rest according to San Jose’s rules.

Yes, besides cleanouts, Zero Junk Removal helps with things like appliance removal and yard waste in San Jose.

Zero Junk Removal takes care of valuable items, talking to the owner to decide whether to keep, sell, or donate them in San Jose.

Yes, Zero Junk Removal handles urgent or last-minute requests in San Jose and nearby cities.

The cost depends on the job size and tasks in San Jose. Zero Junk Removal provides a free, no-hidden-fees estimate.

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Need help in San Jose with cleaning out a house? Call us at +1 669 263 5865 or email [email protected]. We’re open every day. You can also fill out the form at the top for a free quote.

We’re here to make cleanouts easy for you in San Jose. Our process is simple, and we don’t have any hidden costs. If you need help with moving things, recycling, or just getting rid of old stuff, we’re the ones to call in San Jose!