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Do you or someone you know have too much stuff at home? It can feel overwhelming, right? Zero Junk is here to help. We’re a team that understands how hard it can be. We want to make homes in San Jose feel comfortable and safe again. And we do it with a lot of care and understanding.

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Why Many People in San Jose Need Our Help

Collecting lots of items and not being able to part with them is called a _Hoarding disorder_. It’s tough, and many face it in San Jose. If this sounds like you or someone you know, it’s okay. You’re not alone, and we’re here to support.

1. Lots of People Need Help but Don’t Ask

Some problems are hard to talk about. Hoarding is one of them. Many keep it a secret until it becomes a big challenge. But there’s good news. Zero Junk is here to assist. We offer hoarding assistance with respect and care. Our team will help remove items without drawing attention, thanks to our discreet junk removal service.

2. Too Much Stuff Can Be Dangerous

A home filled with too many items can become unsafe. It’s not just about having a lot of stuff. It can lead to broken floors or even blocked pathways. But we’re here to bring change. With our space restoration service, we make homes in San Jose safe and cozy again.

3. It’s Not Just About the Stuff

Did you know that sometimes people collect items because of their feelings? It’s true. Feeling sad or worried can make some want to keep more things. But there’s help. We partner with experts who help with feelings to offer a special kind of cleanup, called a therapeutic cleanout. Together, we address the heart of the problem.

Did you know that sometimes people collect items because of their feelings? It’s true. Feeling sad or worried can make some want to keep more things. But there’s help. We partner with experts who help with feelings to offer a special kind of cleanup, called a therapeutic cleanout. Together, we address the heart of the problem.

The Heart Behind Our Cleanouts

  • Why Being Kind is Key

Dealing with a lot of items in a home can be tough, both for the heart and mind. At Zero Junk, we understand those feelings. Our team believes in showing kindness and patience. When we help, we do it with a lot of heart. We want everyone in San Jose to feel understood and supported.

  • Understanding the Feelings Involved

Hoarding is not just about having many items. It’s about the emotions tied to them. Cleaning can be hard because of these feelings. That’s why our team offers compassionate cleanout services. We take time to understand, listen, and help in the best way possible.

  • Building Trust is Important

Trust is like a bridge between two people. At Zero Junk, we want to build that bridge. When we help, we don’t rush. Our team takes every step carefully, making sure everyone feels safe. It’s essential for San Jose families to know they can count on us during the cleanout process.

  • Privacy Matters a Lot

Every person has a story. And sometimes, they might not want to share it with everyone. We get it. That’s why when we help, we do it quietly. Our discreet junk removal means we respect and protect your privacy. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected, and that’s what we promise.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Our customers in San Jose are our best advocates. They appreciate our professionalism, efficiency, and the personal touch we bring to every cleanout. Their kind words and positive feedback motivate us to continue offering top-notch service.

Jacob Forest
Jacob Forest
Super fast and very reasonable price compared to the bigger companies. Always good to support a small business!
Stephen Meadows
Stephen Meadows
Same day service, kept me informed about ETA, and highly efficient loading meant a minimized charge.
amy vu
amy vu
Amazing! Zero Junk was professional, quick, honest service… and most importantly reasonably priced! Thank you so much for making the Sunday trip (they don’t work Sundays) to pick up our junk. I will defiantly refer you to all our friends and family for junk removal services.
Laura Yuan
Laura Yuan
Alex & his team was super awesome! Great service and they were super quick - in & out. Also provided me a discount for stuff that can be donated. Would definitely recommend!
Arthur Wallace
Arthur Wallace
If you're in need of commercial e-waste disposal, I highly recommend Zero Junk. They were able to safely dispose of our old office computers and electronics and even provided us with a certificate of destruction.
Eric Perkins
Eric Perkins
I had a lot of cardboard boxes leftover from a recent move and Zero Junk was able to come by and pick them up the same day I called. Their cardboard box pickup service was affordable and hassle-free.
Carolyn Ferrari
Carolyn Ferrari
Great service.
Michael Ball
Michael Ball
Remarkably awesome great workers Alex is great at getting it done
Diane Griego
Diane Griego
Zero Junk responded to my query immediately, set up appointment for the next day and showed up on time. Alex and Ajax were friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend this service and would use them again!

Why Everyone Chooses Zero Junk

1. A Team That Cares Deeply

Our team at Zero Junk is not just trained. They have big hearts. They know how to handle difficult situations with care. When they come to help, they come with understanding and respect. Especially for those tough residential hoarding cleanouts in San Jose.

2. Every Home, A Unique Story

Every home we enter has its own tale. And no two stories are the same. We know this. So, we make plans that fit each home’s needs. Every corner, every item, we handle with care. We believe that everyone deserves special attention and a solution that fits just right.

3. Getting Rid of Stuff the Right Way

We don’t just take things and go. We think about the earth and our community. Zero Junk makes sure that items find new homes or get used in a new way. If they can’t, we make sure they’re thrown away properly. We care about our planet as much as we care about the homes we clean.

4. Safety Above All

Clean homes are safe homes. We work hard to make sure of that. We follow all the rules to keep homes safe and sound. And after we’re done, families can relax knowing everything’s okay. We give them peace of mind.

Our Big Steps for San Jose’s Mental Health

  • Working with Local Experts

We don’t work alone at Zero Junk. We join hands with local experts who know a lot about mental health. Together, we come up with hoarding solutions in San Jose that care for both the home and the heart.

  • Teaching Our Community

Knowing more can make things easier. That’s why we teach people about hoarding disorders. We chat with our community. We share stories and facts. We want to remove the myths around hoarding. The more we know, the more we can help and understand.

Home Cleanout and Hoarding

Changing Homes and Lives

  • From Mess to Calm

Have you ever seen a messy room become clean and calm? We have, many times. We at Zero Junk have changed so many homes in San Jose. We take homes from chaos to calm, making them peaceful places to be.


  • Fixing Homes, Building Bonds

Cleaning isn’t just about tidying up things. Sometimes, it’s about fixing relationships too. When we clear homes, we see families come closer. Our work helps heal homes and hearts. We’re proud to play a small part in bringing happiness back to families.

How We Help San Jose's Families

Changing Homes for the Better

At Zero Junk, we’ve seen homes change. It’s not just about cleaning up; it’s about creating peaceful spaces. San Jose families have trusted us to turn their chaotic rooms into calm places.

Mending Broken Connections

Hoarding doesn’t just affect spaces; it touches relationships too. When we clear out homes, we often see so

Questions People Often Ask

We know that hoarding cleanouts are personal. So, we make sure everything stays between us. You can trust us to be discreet from start to finish.

We care about the environment. That’s why we recycle or donate what we can. Only the rest is thrown away. Zero Junk makes sure things are handled responsibly.

Absolutely! We think family is essential. So, during the cleanout, your loved ones can be with you. It can be a team effort. We ensure everyone feels part of the journey.

The time we need can vary. It depends on how much clutter there is and the house’s size. Want to know more about your home? Just call us, and we can give an estimate.

Yes, there is. We know hoarding is more than just stuff. It’s emotional. So, we team up with local counselors. They provide mental support while we clear up the mess. Together, we help in more ways than one.

Helping More Than Just San Jose


Zero Junk doesn’t just help San Jose. We care about our neighbors too. Places like Santa Clara and Cupertino can also call on us. Want to see where else we go? Check out our full list of Service Areas. We’re ready to help wherever you are.

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Zero Junk: Your San Jose Neighbor


We’re more than a service. We’re part of the San Jose community. Founded by locals, Zero Junk is the top name for cleaning needs in town. We’re here to make sure San Jose stays clean and happy. Remember, we’re not just any business. We’re your local friends, aiming to make a positive difference.